summer skin savers


My go-to summer skincare products to help keep my skin exfoliated, hydrated, and glowing without stipping essential oils or weighing it down with heavy creams.

Avene Micellar Lotion

I recently started using this and I love it so far! A ‘3-in-1 cleanser, toner and make-up remover that softens the skin’ this has been a nice alternative to my nightly face wash. I use two cotton pads worth of product to fully eliminate all of my makeup and I have to say, it does a great job and my skin feels hydrated and soft afterwards!

M-61 Hydraboost Serum 

I use this in the AM often without a moisturizer – it’s hydrating enough that in the summer months you don’t need one! Added bonus: it’s packed full of peptides to firm and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

Extremely gentle on the skin, smells amazing, and can be rubbed over the eyelids while washing to remove eye makeup. Love love love this stuff.

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish

I keep this in the shower and use 2-3 times/week after cleansing to exfoliate my skin. It’s not as harsh as other exfoliators can tend to be so my skin still feels soft and hydrated when I’m through.

REN Wake Wonderful Night-Time Facial

“A transforming overnight treatment with glycolic and lactic acids to soften fine lines, hydrate, and refine skin to reveal a glowing, renewed complexion by morning”. I apply this a couple of times/week at night after my serum and wake up with brighter, smoother skin!

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Moisturizing Super Cream

I got a sample of this from Sephora to try and have been loving it! In the summer I would only use this at night but would definitely use this has a day cream during fall/winter! It’s very hydrating, goes on smoothly and absorbs easily.

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bluemercury haul: summer break shopping party


Ok, I admit it – I am slightly obsessed with bluemercury. Mainly because they give THE BEST samples/gift with purchases that I have yet to find at any other beauty store (sorry, Sephora – I still love you!) and I never feel as overwhelmed as I do at Ulta/Sephora, mainly because their stores are much smaller. I will say their only downfall is the sales associates/beauty gurus. They’re either a wonderfully helpful or super standoffish/don’t know what they’re doing. My first few experiences at bluemercury I had the sweetest ladies help me and they did a great job in product selection. Recently though, I have steered away from going into the stores due to poor customer service and opt to shop online (free 2 day shipping – heyyyy)

What bluemercury does best is their shopping parties. They do these quite frequently with amazing gift with purchase bags and a couple times a year (Christmas + 1 or 2 other times) they give up to 20% off your entire purchase! Unreal. The gift with purchases are phenomenal and is how I’m able to try such a variety of high end skin care products I would normally never buy.

I attended their summer break shopping party last week and it didn’t disappoint. I had tried some of the samples in the gift bag previously, but luckily they were some of my faves – Oribe dry texturizing spray! and I am super excited for a few of the ones I have yet to try – bumble & bumble all-style blow dry  and Supergoop! defense refresh Setting Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 50

At the shopping party I grabbed some tried and true favorites:

And decided to try some new products as well:

  • M-61 PowerGlow Body Butter  – I love the original hydraboost body butter so am excited to try this version which will hopefully give some of the same effect as the PowerGlow peel to the rest of my body!
  • Laura Mercier candleglow sheer perfecting powder in shade 2. I will admit I was skeptical about this as I never use powder and find it to look too cakey on my face but decided to give it a try after chatting with the sales rep and trying it on. So far I am loving it! Gives a nice luminous finish to my skin and is not drying at all.
  • Trish McEvoy fan brush #62 – this brush is just so so in my opinion. Or maybe I just don’t know how to use it properly? Oh well. I really just wanted to try a fan brush so I could get my highlight on like the rest of ya’ll.
  • Lune+Aster eyelid primer – have yet to try this but it has some great reviews so we’ll see!

Thoughts on some of these products/can someone please explain to me how to use a fan brush?? 🙂



review: revive purifying clay mask

revive masque de glaise

I’ve had a couple of samples of this mask sitting in my makeup bag for ages now and hadn’t had much enthusiasm to try it given my love/hate relationship with clay masks. That is, until tonight when I was rifling through my stash trying to decide which mask to use and came across this ReVive Masque de Glaise. Per usual, before sampling a new product I google the crap out of it and read reviews to see what people think of the product before I decide if it’s worth trying.

The mask claims to be a deep cleansing facial mask that firms, hydrates and rejuvenates lifeless skin by lifting off impurities. I’m not usually a fan of clay masks just given the application process, which can be uncomfortable as they dry and messy to wash off. The reviews for this product were pretty great: easy to apply, great results, etc. so I gave it a try.

It didn’t go on QUITE as smoothly as I had hoped. Some reviewers claimed you didn’t need a lot of product because it spread so easily but I found the opposite to be true: that I needed more product than I imagined in order to thoroughly cover my face. The drying process wasn’t as uncomfortable as usual (read: my face didn’t feel completely buried under dry cement) and it was relatively easy to wash off! Compared to the bliss multi-‘face’-eted clay masks that I’ve been using most recently, I found this one to be a breeze!

After removing the mask, my skin definitely feels smoother and more hydrated though still quite a lot of redness which I was hoping to reduce. All in all though, I like this product. Am curious to see how my skin reacts after a few weekly treatments of it… Given the hefty price tage ($125 per 2.5oz) though I don’t think I’ll be purchasing this anytime soon, but I was definitely glad to be able to sample it 🙂


nourishing nightly skin ritual

EhhugaEgQGW97GpoqL6oPw_thumb_5393There’s nothing better than lotioning your skin up and letting it DRINK before drifting into a deep, dreamless (or dreamy for those of you like myself!) sleep. I keep these all on my nightstand next to my bed and apply generously before bed.

M-61 Hydraboost Body Butter – omg LOVE. I just got this last week and have been applying twice a day. I can already tell a difference! This stuff goes on SO nicely and is very moisturizing without being too thick and heavy. The smell is not my favorite TBH but I will overlook it due to the quality of the product. Bonus points for being a squeeze bottle instead of pump (hate when you get down to the end of those and have to struggle to get the last bits out!)

AHAVA Dead Sea Mud Dermud Intensive Foot Cream – ok, I also just got this last week and am equally in love. I have the WORST feet (extremely dry/cracks easily) and this in just one application made a huge difference. It soaks in nicely and not overly greasy/sticky. I apply this on after a shower and throw on comfy socks for an hour or so and that’s it. Should probably sleep with socks on overnight but haven’t gotten around to it yet…

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream – it really does not get much better than this. My mom introduced me to this years ago (thanks, Mom!) and though I have experimented with other hand creams, this one takes the cake. The smell is amazing and it drenches my chapped, dry hands like no other. Apply nightly before bed.

Rosebud Salve – there’s a reason this has a cult following. It’s cheap and does the trick. I also love applying this to my cuticles.

Sweet dreams!

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spring skin cleanse


Spring is finally here (yay!) and I for one am glad to be trading in my heavy clothing for lighter fabrics and colors. However, this also means a switch to your skincare routine! Opt for lighter products that don’t weigh down the skin and can show off that warm weather glow. Here is my current spring skin cleanse routine:

  1. CLEANSE: I’ve been using First Aid Beauty’s Face Cleanser which is gentle enough to make it great for all skin types. Another favorite is Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser, an extra gentle gel cleanser for all skin types (and smells great!)
  2. TONE: In current rotation is Darphin’s INTRAL Toner  (LOVE Darphin!) good for sensitive skin, this soothing toner with Polysaccharide, Chamomile and Howthorn extracts, tones and refreshes skin as it completes the cleansing process
  3. EXFOLIATE: Ok there is really nothing better on the market that I have come across than M-61’s Power Glow Peels. A 1-minute, 1-step exfoliating peel that resurfaces, clarifies and helps to firm the skin for a radiant, renewed glow. The reviews speak for themselves. This stuff is a lifesaver! I only use it once/week as it’s pretty pricey but it gives my skin the perfect pick me up and helps makeup go on effortlessly. I also make sure to bring one along anytime I travel.
  4. HYDRATING MASK: Fresh is one of my favorite skin care lines and this Rose Face Mask is no exception. A unique gel formula infused with real rose petals (see picture below) and pure rosewater that hydrates and tones the complexion.
  5. SERUM: I’ve been trying Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel recently and I definitely like it! It’s moisturizing without being too heavy as I’ve noticed with some serums. One of my all time favorites however is M-61’s Hydraboost Serum – super hydrating, great for warmer weather and I can definitely tell a difference in my skin’s complexion when I use this product.
  6. EYE CREAM: Darphin’s Stimulskin Plus Divine Eye Cream. Ok, not gonna lie – I’ve only used a sample of this (as pictured) because this is expensive stuff, BUT it is definitely worth the price! I tend to get dry under my eyes and this hydrates nicely and has anti-aging properties to help with the beginning of those fine lines.
  7. MOISTURIZE: I’ve recently switched to Darphin’s Hydraskin Light Gel Cream. I bought it based off the great reviews and because this is a product designed specifically for warmer weather – gel based, not cream. I like it so far! The smell is not my favorite but it definitely hydrates without being too heavy for these warmer months.

Anyways, that’s my current spring routine! Let me know in the comments whether you’ve used/enjoyed these products as well or if you have other spring favorites I should check out!


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